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G&H Engineering are the sole Scottish distributors for TAWI lifting systems. The VacuEasylift is a vacuum lifter developed by TAWI in Sweden. Patented in 1980, this system uses the same vacuum for both lifting and gripping a load. By using different hoists, suction feet and other fittings, the system can be adapted to lift objects of practically any shape or size. VacuEasylift makes lifting safer, both for operators and for the products being handled, as it eliminates the need for manual handling. With the VacuEasylift, a two man job can often be carried out by one operator.

Smooth and quick operation is achieved by using the same handle to lift, lower, swivel and release the load, and the same vacuum to hold and lift the load. The system is easy to adjust to suit loads and requirements of most industries, an investment that pays for itself quickly. VacuEasylift has been developed into a versatile and ergonomic system for safer, simpler and more effective lifting.

Any loss of power, such as power outage does not cause any problems. If there is a power cut, a safety valve shuts down and ensures that the load is lowered to the floor gently and under complete control.

The VacuEasylift can be floor mounted on a colum, mounted on an overhead crane system, on a wall or pillar with a swing jib or with an articulated arm jib. We have also designed a portable system which is mounted on a steel pallet.

VacuEasylift is also available in stainless steel and ATEX approved varieties to suit different environments such as clean rooms. There are a wide range of adapters and suction feet available for lifting sacks, boxes, sheet wood and metal, panels and slabs.

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The vacuum motor is usually mounted high up on the mounting post where it’s unobtrusive. Acoustic hoods are also available to reduce the noise emissions from the vacuum motor in environments where noise pollution is of concern.

The articulated arm jib design allows the swing jib to achieve a much greater reach and further rotation. This means that the mounting post or pillar can be kept further away from the load being lifted, which is especially useful when lifting loads over a larger area or when loading machines.

VacuEasytlift is developed continuously in close co-operation with customers. Our different standard models and versatile accessories cover most requirements,

The vast number of applications give us an ever increasing experience. This experience is an invaluable asset in the design and development of new installations. Our co-operation with other specialists in the field of material handling also means that we can offer a solution to almost any lifting problem.

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For a free, no obligation quotation or additional technical information please contact us.

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