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Screw conveyors are used within industry primarily to move large quantities of solid or semi-solid materials efficiently. The screw conveyor, sometimes called an auger conveyor, has been used in materials handling for many centuries, possibly even dating back to ancient times. Allegedly conceived by the Ancient Greek engineer, physicist and inventor Archimedes, it is thought by some historians that this kind of device was used to provide water through an irrigation system to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Nowadays, while the basic design remains relatively unchanged, the applications are many and sophisticated. From food processing to injection moulding, from the oil field to agriculture, the screw conveyor is a valuable and essential mechanism in industry.

Screw Conveyors Supplied for Bulk Materials Handling

Screw Conveyors

For transportation and bulk materials handling, the Archimedean screw can claim to be the most successful time-tested and versatile workhorse in industry. The screw conveyor has been developed to serve as wide an application band as is likely to be met for powders, meals, pellets and granular materials. Screw conveyors are commonly used for general movement and distribution of bulk materials as well as bulk intake, silo discharge and hopper discharge applications. In general, most free-flowing powders, grains and pellets as well as many semi-free flowing materials, can be conveyed or discharged with an Archimedean screw system. Material flow rate can be controlled by varying the screw conveyor flight design, speed and percentage loading.

With over 25 years in the industry, G&H Engineering have a long established reputation within the flexible screw conveyor and U trough screw conveyors marketplace because of our quality and speed of delivery on fabricating & supply, whether our clients require complete machines, component parts or individual spares. Standard sizes are routinely available from stock, whilst specialist orders, such as larger sizes or stainless steel conveyors can be easily accommodated by our design and build facility in Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on the fabrication of bespoke screw conveyor systems to your company’s unique, specific requirements on a case by case basis. We are always happy to discuss and advise on individual projects, so for a free, no obligation quotation or additional technical information, please feel free to contact us.


G&H Engineering (Scotland) Ltd Are Sole Scottish Distributors For The Wrights Dowson Group Auger Screw Conveyor

As part of our range of products, we offer both standard and custom built U Trough screw conveyors.

The Wrights Dowson Group are leading and acknowledged experts in the manufacture and supply of screw conveyors and also play a significant role in development and innovation in the design of this equipment. At G&H Engineering (Scotland) Ltd, we are proud to act as sole distributors in Scotland of the Wrights Dowson Group range and stock the entire product list of screw conveyors and component parts. Our complete auger screw conveyor component service enables us to dispatch anything from a single spare to components for a complete screw auger conveyor for sale on an off-the-shelf basis. Fully assembled conveyors utilising standard components can be supplied within a short delivery time to meet customer requirements. The features of our product range include:

  • Supply in both Metric & Imperial sizes;
  • Mild Steel construction as standard
  • Availability in both 2 & 3 metre sectional lengths of casing and worm on pipes, allowing any overall length of conveyor to be supplied;
  • A standard screw diameter range of 160, 200, 250, 315, 355, 400mm;
  • The use of jig built components, which provides easy assembly and replacement of component parts; and
  • All British manufacture, which secures reliability and accessibility of supply


For a free, no obligation quotation or additional technical information on any of these products or the services we provide, please contact us.

Custom Designed U Trough Screw Conveyor For Sale

G&H Engineering (Scotland) Ltd design, build & install bespoke U trough screw conveyors & tubular conveyors. Our designs of each screw conveyor for sale are tailored to every client’s specific requirements, according to the nature of the project and application for which they will be utilised. This might include aspects such as non-standard casing lengths, heavy duty construction, custom inlet and outlet sizes, special bearing requirements, drives and mountings. Typically, applications specific to a particular environment can accommodate the provision of:


  • Large diameters & lengths of screw conveyor
  • Special flighting, bearings, covers, safety switches & mountings
  • Alternative materials used during construction such as stainless steel and galvanized steel
  • Alternative drive options such as shaft mounted motor/gearboxes
  • Heavier duty construction
  • Custom inlets & outlets
  • Drop bottom conveyors
  • Jacketed conveyors
  • Tubular construction
  • Tunnel baffles or sleeves to regulate material flow

Whether you are looking for a horizontal, inclined or vertical screw conveyor, you can contact us for a free, no obligation quotation or additional technical information. We are always happy to advise.

As part of our complete service, we also offer Drop Bottom Screw Conveyors. The benefit of thesespecially designed screw conveyors is that they both allow for easy cleaning and permit ready accessibility to internal working parts. They are able to offer this by incorporation in the design of effective hinging, sealing, clamping arrangements and the inclusion of safety interlocks.

Bespoke Screw Conveyors For Any Application Within Any Industry From G&H Engineering (Scotland) Ltd

At G&H Engineering (Scotland) Ltd, we are proud of our long reputation as specialists in providing bulk materials handling solutions. Established in 1992, our family owned company has garnered years of experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke screw conveyors, as well as a range of other quality bulk materials handling and other equipment. Throughout the course of each project, we’re there for clients at every step of the way, from conception and design to implementation, future maintenance and the supply of replacement parts. If you’d like to discuss a project with a member of our expert team, call us on 0131 317 1651 or send us an email to info@gheng.co.uk. Meanwhile, you can find further details on our work and expertise on our website at https://www.gheng.co.uk/.


Screw Conveyors

G&H Engineering is an independent, family owned company with vast expertise in designing and fabricating truly bespoke systems and solutions. We provide services in structural steel & metal fabrication, as well as designing custom-built gates and railings across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

Our main business is bulk materials handling equipment: we specialise in screw conveyors, screw bin dischargers, chain and flight conveyors and dischargers, load and discharge hoppers, belt conveyors, tubular conveyors and bucket elevators.

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