Bulk Material Handling Equipment

At G&H Engineering we understand the value on offer from using the right bulk material handling equipment. The correct systems can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety too. Regardless of the setting a bespoke system can bring long term value to an application.

Our understanding of the wide array of benefits on offer is what led us to specialise in creating equipment for bulk handling. We can assist clients from numerous fields, ensuring they get the perfect systems to suit their needs. To achieve this we can even design and manufacture bespoke solutions. We can apply our considerably knowledge and expertise towards this end.

The range of equipment we can create is very extensive, ensuring we can deliver options to suit a variety of applications. A small selection of what we provide includes;

  • Bucket elevators
  • Belt or screw conveyors
  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Screw bin dischargers
  • Load and discharge hoppers
  • Paddle blade screw conveyors

We can design and manufacture entire systems, including any ancillary equipment that may be needed. That means we can ensure every single aspect of the devices is fit for purpose and able to deliver the best results.

In addition to designing and manufacturing equipment we also provide a full installation service and after-sales services such as training, repairs, and servicing. We deliver the same high standards throughout, ensuring each client can truly rely on us.

Our aim with each piece of equipment we deliver and the after-sales services we offer is to deliver long term benefits for our clients. We want them to be able to achieve their goals effectively and make the best returns on their investment. As a result from the outset we will focus on delivering longevity and keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Of course problems can happen but we will be on hand to provide rapid repairs in these situations.

Over the years bulk handling requirements have changed substantially. We have adapted alongside them to ensure we can provide the best results for our clients. We will continue to do just that and ensure we can deliver the most effective solutions for even the most challenging applications.

If you would like to explore the bespoke options we can offer for bulk material handling equipment please get in touch. Consultations are available with no obligations and we are always happy to share the extensive experience and technical expertise we have acquired.

When businesses come to us they can expect a full end to end service, from design all the way to installation. We even manufacture bespoke plant and ancillary equipment when it is needed. After-all there are many cases when stock parts simply won't do the job.

Following on from installations we can provide a wide array of after-sale services. Our engineers are highly qualified, including possessing certification from IPAF and PASMA. This means clients can come to us for professional maintenance, servicing, breakdown repair, and even training. Our focus is always on ensuring that conveyors work efficiently for as long as possible, minimising down-time and maximising performance. If you have an emergency breakdown we will be there to help.

Over the years we have created bespoke bulk material handling conveyors for a wide variety of requirements. They can be used to transport a diverse selection of different materials and we can even create paddle blade systems for mixing products if required.

If you would like to invest in a bespoke conveyor system and want the benefit of working closely with a highly experienced team G&H Engineering is the company for you. Get in touch today for a consultation and to get started devising the perfect solution to your requirements. There is no obligation if you would like technical assistance or a quote for a system.

Screw Bins, Dischargers and Feeders

G&H Engineering is an independent, family owned company with vast expertise in designing and fabricating truly bespoke systems and solutions. We provide services in structural steel & metal fabrication, as well as designing custom-built gates and railings across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

Our main business is bulk materials handling equipment: we specialise in screw conveyors, screw bin dischargers, chain and flight conveyors and dischargers, load and discharge hoppers, belt conveyors, tubular conveyors and bucket elevators.

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