Bearing Housings for sale in Scotland

Bearing Housings & Inserts

WDG3 G&H Engineering stock the Wrights Dowson Group range of screw conveyor hanger bearings & bearing inserts and are of heavy duty construction and proven design.

The robust cast iron housings enclose a choice of inserts made from various materials. The standard bearings are made from gun metal and have no inserts, unlike the cast iron bearings which are designed to take various types of inserts.The most frequently used insert is the asbestos-free feroform insert but the range includes Devlon `S` which is FDA approved, cast iron, polypenco and advanced ceramic for abrasive high temperature applications.


Bearing housings and inserts are available in metric and imperial sizes, usually from stock, as are support tubes, nuts & grease nipples. Standard sizes are shown below, however other sizes are available on request.

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Metric (Shaft diameter / Thread size)

  • 40mm / M24
  • 50mm / M24
  • 55mm / M24
  • 60mm / M24 or M30
  • 65mm / M30

Imperial (Shaft diameter / Thread size)

  • 1.5 inch / 1 inch
  • 2 inch / 1 inch
  • 2.5 Inch / 1 inch
  • 3 inch / 1.25 inch

In addition to the standard gun metal or cast iron bearing with inserts, a special range of alternatives are available on request such as:-

  • Feroform inserts
  • White nylon inserts
  • Cast iron inserts
  • Oil impregnated nylon inserts
  • Acetal inserts
  • Polypenco inserts
  • Devlon `S` inserts
  • Stainless Steel housings, support tubes & nuts


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Self Lubricating Bearings (SLG) Available in a Range of Metric and Imperial Sizes

Maintenance Engineers have long had a problem with screw conveyor bearings and hanger bearings in inaccessible positions, which require frequent lubrication. The self lubricating (SLG) bearings provide an ideal solution. A solid lubricant is inserted into a conventional plain gun metal bearing in the form of plugs, arranged in a pattern to cover 25-30% of the bearing`s surface. The pattern of this patented feature ensures that the entire surface area of the bearing is lubricated. SLG bearings are maintenance free and will prevent failure due to lack of lubrication. They are available in metric and imperial sizes, mostly from stock as are support tubes and nuts.


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Hanger Bearings

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